What are we best at?

Mobius is a highly-sophisticated technological demand side platform (DSP) which encapsulates the entire process of running a digital ad campaign – from its creation, planning, and budget distribution, to landing of the creatives on the customers' screens.

In order to make the success of a campaign easy to analyse, predict, and improve upon, we also specialize in delivering, processing, and converting our statistical information into well arranged visually-appealing and intuitive data charts.



The real time bidding algorithms integrated in the Mobius Demand Side Platform process a vast number of ad opportunities and respond to them on behalf of the advertiser in a split-second, while strictly following the requirements for preferred audience and optimizing for lowest price.



Mobius has an established network of ad channels in almost every country in the world. This infrastructure powers our geo-targeting capabilities, offering both scale and precision. Advertisers are able to target not just by city, they can now specify neighbourhoods, regions, or even postcodes within a city.



Reaching the right audience is crucial when optimizing an ad campaign. The advertiser may use demographic and geographic data, consumer-interest, affinity segments, third-party data, and over thirty other targeting criteria to show ads solely to the intended audience.



The traditional methods of remarketing are only a small fraction of our targeting capabilities. Mobius has embraced a new generation of retargeting which adds a layer of personalization. It allows the advertiser to serve a different banner at each stage of the process of converting an end user to a client. It is possible to dissect such campaigns into 50 different retargeting layers.



Our team strives towards improving the quality of the entire advertising ecosystem by making internet surfing a more pleasurable experience. We aim to eliminate the intrusive, repetitive, and unattractive ads and create ones that are more engaging, diverse, and geared towards the unique needs, interests, and motivations of each individual.



At the very core of each technological platform is its capacity to process vast amounts of data. In order to achieve complete transparency, we make sure our clients can access as much of this data as possible. The Mobius Client Panel presents, daily, millions of pieces of data in the form of interactive charts allowing the performance tracking of every last detail of a campaign.