Affinity segments

Targeting interconnected audience segments

In February 2015 Mobius began offering the "similar audiences" feature which helps the advertiser target users based on similar interests with their existing audience.

This targeting method allows the advertiser to build on an already existing user database and gain further insight into the interests and motivations of the individuals forming the target segment.


Segment types

Mobius offers a list of user groups formed around interests
ranging from car enthusiasts and sports fans to luxury travellers:

Green living enthusiasts
Cooking enthusiasts
30 minute chefs
Aspiring chefs
Savvy parents
Pet lovers
Dog lovers
Cat lovers
Auto enthusiasts
Motorcycle enthusiasts
Performance and Luxury vehicle enthusiasts
Beauty mavens
Home decor enthusiasts
Night life enthusiasts
Political junkies
Fast food cravers
Avid investors
Active lifestyle
Sports fans
American football fans
Basketball fans
Soccer enthusiasts
Baseball fans
Hockey fans
Olympic games enthusiasts
Tennis enthusiasts
Racquetball enthusiasts
Winter sports enthusiasts
Water sports enthusiasts
Swimming enthusiasts
Boating and sailing enthusiasts
Running enthusiasts
Cycling enthusiasts
Skiing enthusiasts
Thrill seekers
Health and fitness buffs
Outdoor enthusiasts
Travel savvy
Travel buffs
Luxury travelers
Family vacationers
Beach bound travelers
Snowbound travelers
Consumer habits
Bargain hunters
Luxury shoppers
Value shoppers
Auto enthusiasts
Motorcycle enthusiasts
Nightlife enthusiasts
Beauty maven
Home decor enthusiasts
Political junkies
Avid investors
Arts and entertainment
Movie lovers
Action and Adventure movie fans
Family movie fans
Comedy movie fans
Horror movie fans
Romance and drama movie fans
Sci-fi and Fantasy movie fans
News junkies and avid readers
Sports news
Local news
Entertainment and celeb news
Women’s interest
Men’s interest
Art and theater aficionados
Hardcore Gamers
Casual and social gamers
TV lovers
Documentaries and non-fiction TV fans
TV drama fans
Family television fans
TV comedy fans
Sci-fi TV fans
Live game, reality, and talk shows TV fans
Music lovers
Blues fans
Classical music enthusiasts
Country music fans
Electronica and dance music fans
Folk and traditional music enthusiasts
Indie and alternative rock fans
Jazz enthusiasts
Pop music fans
Rap and hip-hop fans
Spanish language music fans